Spread the Word to End the Word Part 2

For Stonehill’s Spread the Word to End the Word Campaign part 2 we had events throughout the week. On Monday we had a panel of speakers. On our panel we had Dan Bivins, Professor Warren Dahlin and student Mike Atkinson share their experience being and having Dan in the class this semester. On Wednesday we had an event where we had many of the social justice groups at Stonehill gather in one place and give presentations on their group and give information on students looking to get involved. Finally, on Friday we had a party at the House of Possibilities, where all the buddies and college buddies gathered and got to participate in an easter egg hunt, with singing and dancing! Overall we had a great week!


We’re in the news yet again! Check out the Easton Journal pictures!

Pictures of us all: http://www.wickedlocal.com/easton/features/x1719673482/Best-Buddies-at-Eastons-House-of-Possibilities

An article on the HOPe House: http://www.wickedlocal.com/easton/features/x1719673421/Eastons-House-of-Possibilities-eligible-for-250-000#axzz1g4Qf8w5U


Thanks MaryAnne!

Another Easton Patch Article about us…


Our campaign has reached others!! PEOPLE ARE RESPONDING!